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Whether it’s a local delivery or a state-wide run, your peace of mind comes from the assurance you’re working with a team of professionals dedicated to providing the best possible service.

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Castillo Bros. has been in operation since 1962.  Founded by Jose M. and Consuelo P. Castillo, it is a family operated business that provides tried-and-true solutions for our local agricultural deliveries or longer hauls to select destinations.  Being a family owned business, you can count on our team to maintain the highest levels of safety and good old fashioned customer service.  

Our company started out with our two founders working and running the company together.   Jose was a hard-working man who contracted the jobs while also being the company’s dispatcher, mechanic, supervisor and dad.  His wife and partner, Consuelo was a truck driver during the day, and at night she would maintain all the office and paperwork duties that comes with running a business and this being done while taking care of their four children.

Their hard work paid off.  By 2013, Castillo Bros. changed from being a Sole Proprietorship to an S-Corporation now known as, Castillo Bros. Transport, Inc.

The company is now headed by their eldest son, Jose, Jr. who continues to provide the same old-fashioned family owned service all throughout the Central Valley of California.